Browncroft Garage
At Browncroft Garage we do it all: complete repair work for all motor vehicles foreign and domestic, including trucks and vans:

:: Brake Repair

:: Shock Work

:: Tune-ups

:: Transmissions

:: Suspensions

:: Electronic & Computer Work

:: Used Car Reconditioning

:: Computer Diagnostics

:: NYS inspections

:: Towing And Tire sales

:: Alignments

:: Engine Rebuilding

:: Air Conditioning

:: Fleet Service

:: And More

That’s doesn’t mean we don’t have specialties. We do.

Hybrid Vehicle

If you own a Honda, Toyota, or Volvo, we’re the place to go. Sure, we can repair just about any automobile there is, foreign or deomestic.  But our people have specialized in fixing and reconditioning Volvos and Hondas and Toyotas since Day One of their automotive careers .

Same with hybrid vehicle repair. Whether it’s a Toyota Prius, a Hyundai Elantra, a Honda CR-Z or an Infiniti, when we repair and maintain a hybrid auto, it’s not just done right — it’s done by a mechanic certified by the ACDC in Hybrid Service Technology as an officially designated Qualified Hybrid Auto Technician!

scott-and-edBut we’re more than just skilled automotive specialists. We’re a part of the local scene.

Browncroft Garage has been in business since 1927, and was formally established in 1930.

Some shops open one day and close the next. We’ve been around for nearly a century. What does that tell you?

Browncroft Garage has gone on to win city-wide popularity polls because we really do give good, affordable, honest service. That’s not what we say: it’s what the people say. Just read the reviews.

That’s why Google and  Yelp gives us Five Stars, why Angie’s List reviewers give us 100% straight A’s.

“So why not stop over and see us? There’s no charge for an estimate, and there’s plenty of free parking.

“Find out why your neighbors voted us the best auto shop in the city.

“And how you can get the best deal in town.”

Scott Posadny, Owner & Manager,

Browncroft Garage

Scott Posadny