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We’re not an impersonal assembly-line here at Browncroft. We’re real people. With nearly a century of automotive experience between them.

Meet some of us:

Scott Posadny - Browncroft Garage

Scott Posadny is the owner, director of operations, chief mechanic, and beating heart of Browncroft Garage.

Scott started out in business early, forming Lakeside Lawn Care at age eleven, and mowing lawns in the West Irondequoit in which he was born. But a school shop teacher at West Irondequoit High introduced him to the world of automotive technology, and that was all Scott needed. He took to fixing and and getting top performance out of cars the way fish take to water. In next to no time he was taking the Toyota Course at Monroe Community College.

From MCC Scott went directly into Dorschel for the next seven years, working on automobiles and developing his automotive skills, emerging at a certified Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician, an ASE-certified Automobile Master Technician, the holder of Advanced Certification in Hybrid Vehicle Repair, and has passed the very latest ASE L3 Advanced Level Hybrid / Electric vehicles exam.

It was while at Dorschel that Scott met Eric Koesterich, the well-known and well-regarded owner of Browncroft Garage, for whom Scott occasionally worked part-time. It was also at Dorschel that Scott met Edwin Molina, who later joined him at Browncroft. Wanting a change of pace, Scott spent a year working for New York State as a Department of Transportation mechanic, and then for the City of Rochester.

But despite the educational and personal perks of working for a major automotive corporation, and the security of government jobs, the entrepreneurial spirit kept breaking through. When one day Eric Koesterich mentioned that he was thinking of retirement and was looking for good hands in which to pass on the near-century old tradition that is Browncroft Garage, Scott felt at once that Browncroft was the place for him to be. Eric agreed, and now Scott is bringing new life to one of the oldest and most respected auto repair places on the Rochester map.

Scott currently lives in Fairport, New York, just outside the city, but is back in town every day taking care of business. 

Scott’s hobbies? Browncroft Garage, Browncroft Garage, and Browncroft Garage!

Auto Repair Mechanic - Brownncroft Garage

Ed Molina – Shop Manager

Shop manager Edwin Molina graduated from Brockport High School in 2004 with a degree included a two year diploma in Automotive from BOCES in Spencerport NY.

Right after high school Ed decided to join the Army. He signed on for five years as a Military Police officer. After two combat tours that included both Iraq and Afghanistan he decided to come home in 2009 and attend college in Rochester NY.

In 2012 Ed Graduated from Monroe Community College with a degree in Applied Technologies in Automotive and a certified Toyota Technician. MCC recognized him as Automotive Student Of The Year in 2012.

Soon after graduating Ed accepted a full time position at Dorschel Toyota as a line technician. After working his way through all of the duties that fall onto the hands of a dealership technician, in 2013 Ed took on a full time position as a store manager in Autozone in Rochester NY. But deep down he knew he missed being back in a garage environment.

In 2014 Edwin was contacted by his good friend Scott Posadny, who had worked side by side with Edwin at Dorschel. Scott wanted to open up a shop. But why start from scratch when you can start with the best in the business? The two of them approached Eric Koesterich of Browncroft Garage, and the rest is history.

Ed’s Hobbies and interests include fishing, weightlifting, car shows, watching movies, and helping the veteran community. He’s the father of two beautiful children, and lives with them and his wife in nearby Brockport, New York.


Louis Palmerini has been part of the Browncroft Garage automotive team since 2001 and one of its most accomplished automotive specialists.

Louis’ parents arrived in the United States from their native Italy nearly fifty years ago. Louis and his sister Fanny were born a few years after.

Louis attended Cardinal Mooney High School here in Rochester, which is where he was introduced to his lifelong passion — working on cars, which he’s been doing ever since.

Louis is certified by ACDC in Hybrid Service Technology, and is an officially designated Qualified Hybrid Auto Technician.
So when it comes to Hybrid Repair and fixing and keeping hybrid motor vehicles in top shape in Rochester, Louis is the man.


Connor Noonan was born in Fairport, NY, the youngest of three children.

An Eagle Scout, he developed an interest in cars as early as age seven, when he received his first remote control car and began taking the engine out and reassembling it. (He still does that, but the engines are bigger now.) Cars are his hobby as well as his profession: he’s currently refurbishing a 1974 Ford F250 at home.

Connor graduated from Fairport High after taking every course they offered and then went straight on to Monroe Community College where he studies automotive technology.

Connor joined Browncroft Garage in 2015 to earn college credits as his studies continued. That he did, and the new graduate has since become a full-time member of the Browncroft Garage family.


Dan Van Huben is a Rochester native, though he spent several years as a boy in Livonia, NY.

Initially interested in information technology, he took a course of study at BOCES where he found himself more and more interested in the automotive program and shifted his studies there.

Dan went on to study automotive technology at MCC, from which he recently graduated, earning a certificate from Toyota for T-10 Tech Development. At the same time he actively gained top-flight professional experience while working his way through school by also working at Hoselton Toyota and Dorschel Buick.

One of his fellow students and soon friends at MCC was Scott Posadny, now owner of Browncroft Garage, who, when searching for top new talent, soon thought of and contacted his old friend.

The rest is automotive history.


Laurie Posadny (aka “Mom” aka ”Mrs. P”) was born and in Jamestown, NY, and raised along with three sisters and a brother.

She remains very close to her family and they enjoy family vacations together at their family camp in the Southern Tier. (Scott’s many buddies who gave her the nickname “Mrs. P”. She refers to them as “my boys.”)

Laurie started working in her early teens in the office of her father’s monument business. She moved to Rochester in 1986, married Scott Sr. and was blessed with her son Scott in 1988. They built a home in West Irondequoit in 1990. She worked as the office manager for a furniture manufacturer, and upon arriving in Rochester she started working as retail manager for a local company and stayed for 24 years.

When Scott took over Browncroft Garage she came on board to help with the accounting/clerical side of the business. And she’s done a great job at it ever since!

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New! NAPA Easy Pay!

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