City Magazine Review

Browncroft Garage Voted Number One!

How can you find an auto shop that’ll take good care of your car, and that won’t take advantage of your trust?

One way is to listen to what people who’ve gone to an automotive spot say about it.

What do the people of Rochester say about Browncroft Garage?

They voted it the best automotive shop in Rochester.

With a city-wide distribution, and a readership of over 80,000 people, City Magazine asked the people of Rochester to pick the city’s best in their Best Of Rochester poll.

And people named Browncroft Garage, Number One.

The reviewer had this to add, too:

"Most Good-hearted Car Fixer"

"In a world of corporate-chain car-repair shops, with their suggestive selling and commissions on every part, the Browncroft Garage is a paragon of integrity.

“Eric Koesterich hasn’t built his customer base with fancy come-ons or fancy presentations. He’s simply good at what he does.

"And he’s scrupulously honest. More than once, he’s told us not to put money into certain repair problems, when other places could have easily milked us for hundreds.

"…if you want bright and clean and strip-mall shiny, you’ll have to look elsewhere. If you want honesty, though, Browncroft is the place.”

Browncroft Garage. A place people trust. A place you can trust too.